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March of the Tools

A wonderful idea from a favorite blog: the March of Tools, tools we love. Heather Bailey from "Hello my Name is Heather" came up with the idea and I thought why not join? So I'll bring you some of my favorites, check out some of Heather's and please add any of yours. This should be fun, informative, tempting and perhaps expensive...

Let's start with a reasonably priced tool I love: the canister duster buster! I must admit that I don't always remember to use it but once I get started, I'm dust busting anything and everything in sight. The keyboard, the printer, under the table and around the wire mess, the bird's cage, the book case, the junk drawer, yep, anything and everything. The canister gets really cold and then it starts making putt putt sounds and it's empty. These can be ordered in bulk but no matter how many you have on hand you are always caught out of gas just when you've blown a bunch of dust bunnies into the middle of your living room. So there it is! My first Tool of March.

(Wanna see what Heather Bailey has on her list? Click on the March of the Tools logo in the sidebar.)

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