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The setter/removal tool - LOVE it!

This one is brilliant! If you're using brass tacks to attach your canvas to the wooden stretcher bars you know this; about half the tacks bend or break on their way into the wood. By the time you've pushed 10 tacks in (and are only half way around the canvas), your thumb is cramping from pushing.
Have no fear, Corjac is here...

It's the Corjac tack kit and it solves all your tack issues. There are two parts to the kit; the polished red knobbed setter tool has a magnetic tip to hold the brass tacks securely and prevent them from slipping away before you've had a chance to push. You hold the red knob against the palm of your hand, it fits perfectly and just apply a little pressure. There are no bent tacks, no breakage, it guides the tacks straight into the wood.

Done with your piece? The tack removal tool has a wide edge that fits right under the head of the tack and with a little push it pulls the tack out of the wood keeping it in perfect condition! This tool is so great that you won't be too lazy to take your canvas off your stretcher bars for a little tightening. (Now, you could just get the Evertite© stretcher bars, but that's a different tool posting all together...)

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