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My addiction? Color

Let's begin with a little color composition to get into the mood...

I've been spending time (too much time) looking for blogs that will inspire me. There are creative and talented people out there. One blogger I've come across seems to be as addicted to color as I am. I could scroll up and down her postings for hours. The way she interprets colors from photographs or paintings is so yummy. Take a look:Kris's color stripes.

When I sew dresses for my little Nina I love mixing fabrics with very different patterns basing the mix on color, of course. When Nina was five she would not hear of wearing dresses. I managed to find a dinosaur patterned fabric and added a more "girlie" fabric to the mix, making a dress that both fulfilled my need for her to wear a dress on her birthday and her need to wear dinosaurs! Here are the fabrics in the mix:

This winter I made another dress for Nina (this time she didn't put up such a fight). Again, I had fun bringing different patterns together with a common color sense.

kris  – (March 30, 2008 at 12:23 PM)  

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Nina's new dress is so lovely ,I love the colors!

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