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Dues and Don'ts

When I arrived in Columbus and made my way up to my room at the hotel, I carefully unpacked
my entire suitcase. Neatly placed in drawers and on hangers, my clothing and I felt at home.  


I've been back for over week now. I haven't unpacked... I'm living out of my suitcase,
rummaging in the mornings for something to wear. 

Hotels make me feel relaxed, probably the no computer thing. 

Seminar was fantastic!  Although I've had a canvas and thread in my hands for over 15 years now, I've always felt a newbie.  I came into the needlepoint world through the back door. With an art background and a "I can do that" attitude, I jumped in.  Over the years I've been told, or heard through the grapevine, that I haven't, so called, payed my dues...  I think that refers to not having a formal needlepoint education.  I am self taught, that is true. I've learned many of the "rules" of needlepoint by coming across them through my experimentation.  I know how to make sure that the back of my canvas doesn't show through to the front,  but not because I was told that: them the rules. Nope, my motivation has always been figuring out how to make the front of my canvas look it's best. I still haven't seen all of the seven wonders of the world so I don't have time to look at the back of a canvas. Let others do that, I care about the front. 

I could go on and on, but my point is that for the first time, at this Seminar, I didn't feel new to this world. I met so many good friends, I had return students in my classes, I made new friends and I felt at home.  Thank you to all my very dear friends and students for a wonderful week of classes and fun.

While I did enjoy all my classes, I was overwhelmed by the response and the success of my Color Inspiration class. Many of the participants asked for an encore and that I make it a two day class. I agree!  Let's shoot for Philadelphia 2012!

Genevieve and I have been making To Do lists; short-term and long-term.  They are so long, it's a bit intimidating. But we will get thru them and present you with many new designs, ideas and thoughts. We may very well ask for your opinions as well, so get ready.

Off to maybe unpack a few items. Or maybe stitch instead...

Carol in Indian Springs Village  – (October 17, 2010 at 4:34 PM)  

Life is too short to always play by 'the rules' isn't it? I remember taking a silk and metal class once and the woman took my piece and ripped it all out because I wasn't 'followng the rules'. I just looked at her and said that when this ceases to be fun, I won't do it anymore. And I never took another class from her. I've taken several of your classes Orna because I always learn something but most important (to me) is that I have fun! Keep teaching and coming up with great ideas!

Orna Willis  – (October 17, 2010 at 5:05 PM)  

I am so happy to hear that you have fun in my classes! I totally agree that without the fun there is no point.

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