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I LOVE fiber bundles!

Do you love to have?  You know, have fibers and beads and fabric and tools.  Just have?

Do you have that inner conversation: 

"Now now, you don't need this".  

"I know, but I R E A L L Y want it".

I love to have!  And I always make sure that the second voice in the conversation wins!

So we just filled the studio with new fibers, then put them together with some beads, stones, Ultrasuede, pearls, in delightful thread packs.  They are posted on my Etsy website.

I would be perfectly happy putting together thread, bead, and fabric bundles all day long. 

These have some great silks, overdyes, metallics. They would be delightful for a small design, simple composition, just let the threads speak for themselves.  

Something as simple as the chart to the right.  Just like it says..."Let the Threads do the Talking!"

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