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Jonathan's Needlepoint!

Jonathan Adler is a potter, a designer, a personality.  I've been collecting his pottery for years now.  Over time he moved into designing furniture, accessories, lamps, and more pottery.  He was one of the judges on the Bravo show TOP DESIGN.   He has humor in his designs, color and more color, (now you know another reason for my liking him), and he's fun.  I was driving up 3rd Street, here in Philly, yesterday, and I saw a big new store sign: Jonathan Adler.  Yea!! He now has a store in Philadelphia!  I quickly veered to the right, into the first available parking space and made my way into the store.  What struck me immediately is the vast array of needlepoint in the shop.  If you live in a city with one of his shops, walk on in and see it for yourself.  If not, check out the website.

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