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Real Treasures.

ETSY is an amazing site.  It's sort of a grass roots movement for handmade.   On Etsy you can offer your wares for sale among other handmade items from all over the world.  It's so exciting to see crafted treasures, imaginative items that are most times very affordable.  I have a couple of shops on Etsy, here and here.  One of the neat features on the site is called TREASURY.  It's where you can browse the millions of items for sale and put together a grouping that has a common thread you decide on.  It may be...Things with Wings,  or... In the Morning Light, or... a grouping based on color.  The latter, no surprise I'm sure, is so much fun to put together.  You are asked to place only one item from the same seller, and not include your own items, so you can show others some LOVE! I've put some Treasuries together here, as well as the ones you see above and below.  Take a walk over there, I'm sure you'll have fun!


This is one of my favorite Treasuries.  I didn't choose a common color 
but it sort of comes out that way.  


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