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WINNER! and other stuff

I'm delighted to announce that the winner of our first Free Design Thread Set is:  Follower Teresa!

Congratulations Teresa S!  

You will be receiving the fibers to stitch my design "My Grandparents" just as soon as you contact us.  (Please email:ornawillis@gmail.com

If you are not Teresa, don't despair!  We will have more fiber set give aways with each new design!

I spent this past weekend with the ladies from the New Jersey Needle Artists ANG Chapter and what a delightful time I had! It's just perfect when you go off to work but really you are having fun, fun, fun!  (Shhhhh...  don't tell them or my DH)
Busy working on the Kreinik Cuff
We worked on Grace the first day.  Rosie hosted the day at her home, (thank you, Rosie).  We stitched, ate and drank (plenty of cold soft drinks in the fridge) and not a drop on our canvases!  Time went by so fast, and it was 4:30 in no time.  I was about 60 miles away from Brooklyn, so what did I do? Got in the car and drove to see little Nomi.  Had I decided to swim to their place it would have been faster! If you are the Mayor of New York and you happen to be reading this post, kindly find a way to broaden the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, PLEASE!  Two hours later I arrived to see Nomi and her wonderful parents.  Some squeezes, some kisses, some talking to a baby who couldn't really care less and some Thai food, and back I went.  The way back was very smooth and fast!
This historic Brick Academy was the site of our second day class

Day two with the ladies was held in a wonderful historic building, The Brick Academy.  Speaking of historic, the group chose to stitch my Kreinik Cuff which is from way back in my stitching history.  This piece was kitted by Kreinik in a neat purple snap box with sumptuous silks and metallics.  Kreinik had stopped manufacturing the kits but dear Doug Kreinik agreed to put together some new kits for me and for the class. My new friends from class we all decided to rendezvous wearing our cuffs to the opening banquet at ANG Seminar Philadelphia!  YES!

Kreinik Cuff in Gold

Well, back to work for me.  Congratulations again Teresa, and check back for more free designs.

(Oh, almost forgot, I asked Doug Kreinik to assemble a few extra Kreinik Cuff kits in Gold, (as shown above).  If you'd like to order one for yourself, send us an email and we will get one to you.  They are $54, including the edging embellishments in the photo).


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