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Drum Roll Please.....

When I first started up my website in 1998, I had a lot of people ask me simply: "Why?" Websites and emails were still untested, untrusted waters, but I thought that it would be a great way to reach out to other fiber lovers across the country and across the world.  Well, as it turns out, it was a great move, and I am really proud of what we have achieved over the years through our website, blog and cyberclasses!

SO it is with great excitement that we unveil the new www.ornadesign.com!

Beyond the fabulous new look -- we also put our heads together and looked for ways to meet the needs of the great people that have been our customers over the years. We came up with a new "Notions" section full of the little odds and ends that make life easier.  We will be adding more new items in the next few weeks.  Our Needlepoint Design section has great new pictures and better information. Cyberclasses and Thread Gatherings have been given room to breathe in their own easy to navigate sections.  In fact, keep an eye out for our first Cyberclass announcement for the 2011-2012 season, due out October 1st! Students of this class will get access to our new, simplified, beautified forum board.

And best of all--we decided to do away with shipping charges---Forever!  That's Free Shipping on all of your ADORN orders. Forever. 

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As part of our new website launch, you will also find the beautiful design Squaredance available for sale. This checkerboard design combines 45 bite-sized squares and a world of stitches and color combination to create a dazzling eclectic spin on a traditional sampler. Utilizing laid stitches, woven stitches, satin stitches and knots, each square combines multiple layered techniques to create tiny vignettes of color and texture. A kit full of silks, metallics, overdyes, filament and Ultrasuede gives you an amazing palette of materials to play with!

So, there are a bunch of new good things for you---go check out the new site with all it's bells, whistles and beauty!

And thanks for being a part of everything we do!

charlotte2  – (September 16, 2011 at 3:29 AM)  

Great New Site. Waiting for 1st October to see new on line classes.

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