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Even if you didn't know the date, ( AHHHHHH, it's September 1st!!), looking around the city, one could tell instantly what time of year it is. School buses are making their way through the streets, the "water ice" shops are announcing their September close dates, (water ice is a very strange Philly phenomenon), and evenings are beginning to have a breeze and even a little chill. Fresh from our trip back to Israel, we have walked straight into fall, a big change to be sure!

Nina is heading back to school next week, although "back" isn't quite right-- she is starting 5th grade at a new school that's music focused. I am so excited to see what she finds at this new school! I may have Mozart living with me. Or maybe Sid Vicious~ who knows what she will come up with?!? 

As for the studio-- I am getting back in the swing of things. It seems like I was gone for 6 months--it doesn't seem possible it was just shy of a one month. The trip was wonderful.  I saw my family, my friends, and studied metal-smithing with a most extraordinary teacher.  Her name is Uranit and you can see her work here.  She taught me methodically, with an emphasis on preciseness,  quality work, meticulous execution.  I feel I learned so much.  We talked about setting up a work station here at my home so that I could work, practice, design and create metal jewelry.  But I'm afraid of myself.  I enjoy it so much, what if I get caught up in it and ignore my needlework?  What if I am swept away by the magical process of turning a flat piece of metal into a three dimensional object of beauty? Can I really trust myself to take that journey without cheating on my first love, needlepoint? What's a girl to do?

I found inspiration back home.  The colors, sounds, smells always perk up my creativity.  I spent lots of time at museums on this trip and that too is a great source of inspiration.  You'll see... 

We have all sorts of things coming up this month, we should be announcing an amazing new cyber workshop at the end of the month, (if we can stick to our schedule...)! This one has truly been a labor of love, and if I dare say so, the project looks like no other I have seen! So we are getting back down to work, and watching for fall leaves.

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