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A New Design, A Fresh Approach and A Class you will love!

For months now, I have been hinting at a new Cyberclass.  And here it is -- at long last --  Dolci...

Nouveau Colorway--The Sunburst Bead

Dolci ( pronounced "dole-chaye") means "sweets" in Italian. And it fits these new bead designs perfectly: bite-sized, delicate, and oh so sweet! I am incredibly excited to introduce this class... I feel that this is a new way of doing things, a new way of working with canvas and thread.  It's about details, and it's about presentation--two things I love.

Nouveau Colorway --- The Checkerboard Bead
What sets these beads apart from other jewelry components I have created in the past, is that they are true beadsThey are rounded and double sided. They have a 3-dimensionality that has not been done until now.  In the Cyberclass, you will be working with the first 8 designs of a whole new line of  Dolci Bead designs from Adorn. You will learn all of the new techniques needed to create these tiny gems. And they really are tiny--the smallest is as small as a dime!

Nouveau Colorway -- 4 Crescent Bead
It was a long process getting these designs exactly right. We were looking for fiber beads that could be elegant, wearable and sophisticated. A grown up version of fiber jewelry. We wanted there to be a metal element, to give them the ability to hold their own in a finished jewelry piece. We wanted versatility, and above all, an easy way for students to create them.
Mod Colorway -- The Stop Sign Bead
And we did it! We got all of that into this class. And we are really proud of it! In addition to that, I put together four registration options, five kit options, and two colorway options! Whew! And you all thought I was kicking back in Israel all summer....

So, go to the website and get more details about Dolci. Read all your options, and see which one suits you best! Registration ends November 15th, 2011, and class begins February 1st, 2012.

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