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Free Gift and Finishing Details!

As a little something special for the holiday season, we had these wonderful little Adorn Travel Tape Measures made up. They are really handy---perfect to throw in your purse or travel bag.  We will include them with every order we send out to you, until supplies run out.
The Adorn Travel Tape Measure

AND for all you Dolci students --- wonderful news. If you normally go to a finisher with your needlepoint work, we wanted to make sure you had that option for the Dolci Cyberworkshop. SO-- we have secured a finisher for the Dolci class who, if you so choose, can complete the Dolci beads from the stitched canvas you send her. She's been carefully trained, does marvelous work ---- we could not be happier with her skill. We will include her contact, pricing and ordering information in every kit!

A sample from our trained Dolci Bead Finisher

Back in a bit!

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