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Hello All!

We have decide to go into detail about the options for the new Dolci class, to answer any questions that may be out there.  Let's start off with what you guys like best: THREADS!

Any Option that includes threads in the title includes the following:

 12 skeins--- 2 metallics and the rest silk. It also comes with seed beads to do the sewn beadwork that
shows up on some of the individual designs.

There are two colorways, MOD and NOUVEAU. This is a MOD colorway Bead:


Mod is all about bright contrasts, purples, apple green, red, lilac. It's on the louder side. Bright, flashy, cheery.

This is a NOUVEAU colorway bead:


As you can see, these colors a little softer--teal, turquoise, browns, and tangerine. Elegant, refined. To see more of each colorway, check out the past two blog postings, go to the website or the product page and you will find many variations on the theme! It really is just two colorways, it's just different combinations!

Here you will see the eight bead patterns you are going to make. The picture shows some of both colorway, but there are eight distinctly different patterns:

The Eight Bead Designs for DOLCI: The Cyberclass

Now, onto the anything that contains "metal" in the title! In each Metal Kit you will receive professional jewelry tools such as round nosed wire wrapping pliers, flat nosed pliers and wire cutters. You will receive headpins, beads, jump rings and other jewelry findings which will be utilized in the finishing of the beads. This kit also comes with the seed beads that are used as accents on many of the individual designs.

Now Options:  To figure out which option is best for you, go to the cyberworkshop page. This page will give you detailed descriptions of each option. If an option lists "Threads" in the title, it includes all the threads for one colorway- Mod or Nouveau. If it lists "Metal" in the title, it includes all the things listed in the metal kit. If the title has Metal and Thread in the title, it includes a "Metal" kit, and a "Thread" kit in whatever colorway you choose!

Every option includes the Class Pass, which gets you into class! Each lesson will be posted in an easy to download, printable PDF for all students, no matter which option you choose.

*** We have also just added a Fifth option as requested by one lovely customer--just in case there wasn't enough to choose from! Option 5 is the Metal Kit and Both Colorway Kits--Mod AND Nouveau! So get all your supplies and roll around in all that silk, if you wish--you can make every bead you see, from beginning to end with this kit!


Congrats to Geeky Heather, who has won the latest "My Family" free giveaway kit! Please email us with your snail mail address and we will send you a wonderful array of threads to go with the latest free design.

Please feel free to post any and all questions you have about this class---we will answer any and all questions, and maybe your comment will help others out!

geeky Heather  – (October 5, 2011 at 11:24 AM)  

Oh boy, how exciting!!! Thank you so much!

I love the look of these beads, and they look like they will be so fun to make.

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