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A Harvest of Color and Dolci updates.....

The Adorn Hues Deluxe Package

We have just put together a whole slew of hand-picked, custom thread packs called AdornHues. Every delicious pack includes 6 thoughtfully coordinated, all-silk skeins. Each 8-ply skein measures 5 meters. 

All of these beautiful combinations are one of a kind. Buy a single, or treat yourself to a few, and give yourself some new color to play with! Also available is the deluxe box which includes over 60 skeins of color overload. 

In Dolci news: more beads back from our wonderful, specially trained finisher! Angela  is perfecting the art of the Dolci bead and taking it to levels of detail and consistency we could only have hoped for. Her work is amazing!  Contact info and pricing for her services will be included in your kits.  We just cannot get over how completely "on" her work is.

If you have not had a chance to sign up for the Dolci bead class, or if you just need more information, follow this link here.

Spots are filling up fast!

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