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Four New Adorn Classrooms!!!

Over the past few years, I have offered many different online classes. Building Adorn Atelier this year has really brought home to me the continuing need for solid, accessible online learning. Without a doubt, online classes are the most economical and easiest way a student can invest in their skills. To be able to work on what you love in your own time, in your own home, yet have the support of other stitchers and a teacher--this learning situation cannot be matched.

Recently, we decided to make this whole online thing even easier. We are now offering Encore versions of my most popular classes! Any participating student will have access to a virtual classroom, where you will have unlimited access to the materials for one year. You can sign on to ask questions, gain insight from other students, watch how to videos and download lesson information.  All at your leisure.

There are two ways to enjoy these classes--as a Class Participant only, or as a Class Participant with a kit. More classes will be added as time goes on, and not just from me! Classes by Teresa Perleberg, Yoola, and Cynthia Emerlye, and new additions to our Adprn Atelier roster will all become available on a rolling basis over the next few months.

To start it all off, I have brought back four of the most popular classes of all-time-- Cirque de Fleur, Squaredance, Kanya and Petit Trianon.

Kanya Cuff

Kanya Cuff is one my most popular and interesting designs. Available in two colorways, this design in particular really benefits by having a teacher along for the ride.  I did this class last year, and the results from my students were above and beyond what I have seen from stitchers working the piece on their own. Everyone loves this design because after the making, the wearing feels so good!

Also available for classes is Cirque De Fleur. I have run this class twice and have found that students really enjoy the unique challenges that this design throws at them! Hand cut Ultrasuede appliques, sequin application, combination stitches and a host of silk threads all add up to an exotic, colorful extravaganza.

Then there is this tiny wonder: Petit Trianon.

Available in two colorways, Chateau or Jardin, this four lesson exploration of perfect craftsmanship will whet your appetite for precision and craftsmanship.

And last but not least--Squaredance! This design is a modern day sampler that will give your skills a stretch! Bite-sized stitches, like a box of tiny brilliant candy, will wow and delight you. Practice your skill with metallics and other specialty threads, and give yourself a chance to work on your appliques!

So if you are looking for a simple effective way to expand your skills, or if you are ready to take on a tougher design, but need some support, click on over to Adorn Atelier, and give yourself a bunch of things to do this summer!

Genevieve  – (May 11, 2012 at 8:30 AM)  

Hi Orna... I've been following your work ever since I saw you on your first appearance on Carol Duvall. That cuff is breathtaking. I'm going over there and signing up today.

Thank you so much for sharing your art!

Orna Willis  – (May 13, 2012 at 4:37 AM)  

Thank you for the very kind words! Being on Carol Duvall was so much fun! So, we will "meet" in class...


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