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The weekend of May 19th I will be teaching at Bedecked and Bedazzled, the needlepoint Utopia run by owner and stitcher, Ruth Schmuff. If you aren't familiar with Ruth Schmuff in the needlepoint world, she is everywhere. She writes a blog called Not Your Grandmother's Needlepoint, and started a fantastic community forum for stitchers called, what else? Stitcherie. This website is beautifully designed, and gives everyone a place to meet up, share pictures of their work, and find a community. I just heard that she is still taking students for this class, so if you are in the area, why not spend the weekend of May 19th with me??

I was thrilled when she asked me to teach a class at her Maryland store. After much discussion, we chose "PEACOCKS", a favorite of mine.

It is a well rounded design, a perfect balance of composition and color.  It comes in three colorways, Brown and Blue (Evening), Orange and Yellow (Sunshine) and Greens and Blues (Twilight).

The threads used cover a wide range, overdye, metallics and silk, with enough cushion stitches to perfect even a beginners technique! I am really looking forward to heading to Maryland in a few weeks and teaching this class. A real treat! Remember you can register here!

Will I see you in Maryland?!

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