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The Adorn Atelier Kanya Cuff Online Classroom

We have had a lot of questions about the new online classrooms we have opened at Adorn Atelier. So here is a little more about how it works, and what to expect in the weeks to come!

One of the primary reasons that people don't take classes, in real time or online, is scheduling. Everything can get in the way of a weekend workshop or seminar--- so, we thought, why not give them a year to work on a project?

We took four of our best classes and moved them to the new classrooms last week. The picture above gives you an idea of what it looks like. There are videos, charts, lessons and downloads.  And once you sign up (with or without the kit) you will have access for 365 days. If you sign up on May 30, 2012, you will be able to work on your project in the classroom until May 30, 2013. And you get to be part of the ongoing conversations between myself and the class.

New classes will be popping up during the next few months--so give one a try and see if it doesn't fit you like a glove!

Also in class news----if you happen to be driving distance to Maryland, I am giving a spontaneous color class at Ruth Schmuff's Bedecked and Bedazzled Needlepoint store on Saturday! We were talking and talking about using color, and thought--why not??!! This pin design above is the jumping off point for this class, and we will spend the day playing around with color and threads in Ruth's ammmmmaaaaaaazing store! The idea is that by the end of the day you will comfortable with picking your own color schemes, and be able to analyze color better.

If you are dying to join us, learn a bit about color, or maybe do a bit of shopping, just get in touch with Ruth.

And don't forget the 40% off sale is ending soon, and the choices are dwindling!  Head over and scoop up these savings as fast as you can! EVerything is updated as of this morning, so if you tried to get in on it and everything was sold out--there is new stuff on there!!

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