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We NEED to make way for the new designs coming very soon, and we would like you to benefit!
We have wonderful kits being offered at 25% off!  You pay 75% of the price, we get room to begin putting together our new design kits.  Win, Win!

So, HERE is the list of available kits, over 60 of them!!

A few notes:
  • When a colorway is specified, that is the only colorway we have to offer at the special price.  Also, if the kit you ordered has been purchased, we will send you a note, we can't promise everything on the list will stay available.
  • I am including links to the various items on the website however please don't place your order online, you won't be able to access the sale prices.  
  • How to order?  Email me with the list of items you would like to order.  I will send you a Paypal invoice for you to pay.  That's it. This may sound complicated but I want to give my "bestest" customers, (YOU), first dibs on this and therefore am not posting the sale prices on my website. 
Click this link to download the list:  LIST
Click this link to email me with your order:  EMAIL

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