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Changing things up.

This is my living room:

See the purple leather sofa?  That was an engagement gift from my hubby.  It's been 20 years.  See the two chairs in the background.  Those came a few months later.  They have faded over the years so I tried leather painting one of them.  I couldn't decide if I liked it so it's sort of one on and one off.  The green sofa, that came 2 years later and then 10 years ago I reupholstered it in the green UltraSuede.  I've loved my furniture, I've taken good care of it, and I have great memories of the homes it's traveled through.  

It's time for change!  I know this may sound cold, changing up my husbands engagement gift to me, but he understands.  Really he does. 

I've been looking for awhile now.  Not aggressively but since I love design I'm always surfing design sites, furniture sites, architectural sites.  Nothing really grabbed my attention until last week.  I've found what I want and today I'll order my new living room.  

I'll give you a peek at one of my chosen sofas.  Of course, I'm changing the colors, but you knew that.

It will be awhile before everything comes in.  I'll be sure to keep you posted!


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