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Bursting with pride!!

I just LOVE it when stitchers send me photos of my designs that they have completed stitching,  LOVE it!

Here are a few of late...

Hanging Gardens, (one of my Cyberworkshops),  stitched by Suzanne Allen.  
How exquisite!  Thank you for making my design dance and sing!!

Sunflower stitched by Diane Trobaugh.  Diane's ANG chapter
stitched this design and Diane chose colors and 
canvas with a daring spirit and I am so proud!

Do you have any of my designs that you stitched?  Have you changed colors?
 Even better!  Send me your photos!!
THANK YOU!  Ada Haydon answered my plea and here are 3 pieces she stitched years ago...

 From left to right:  Cedars of Lebanon, Reflections of Joy and Magic

Barbara Denkin –   – (June 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM)  

Hi Orna,
I purchased a kit called "Philly' which I received today. The colors are wonderful but the kit didn't include instructions. Should instructions have been included? I am a loss where to begin.

Thanks, Barbara Denkin

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