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Please read this.

I don't usually use this blog for causes I believe in.  I stay away from politics, I don't preach, I don't argue, I don't bring any of that into this place.

But this time I must.

We brought Nina home from Cambodia 11 years ago.  We were part of the last group of parents allowed to bring their children home from that country.  Since then no adoptions have been allowed.  Children who were in orphanages in Cambodia in 2002, 6-9 months old, as our Nina was, are still in those orphanages.  They have not been allowed to have a family.

Please read about this documentary, Stuck, HERE, and if you feel you can, please sign the petition to support bringing children home to families.

This is our Nina, 11 years after coming home, composing music on the piano she loves.

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