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Chicago Classes... here I come!!

Chicago, what a town!  Reid is from Chicago and I promised him that I'd do my best to get us there for ANG Seminar 2014... so here we come!

I will be teaching three classes at Seminar, (provided you guys sign up!):

(1)  My Color Class. THREE days!  I'm thrilled that the committee picked this class up and will be giving me three days of amazing color exploration.  I must put all humility aside and tell you that if you have not taken a color class with me, or if you have and need more, this is the class to take!!

(2)  Samburu, a two day class on making this beautiful piece of jewelry.  It will be offered in a few color choices so if you want to suggest some color combinations, now is the time.

(3)  The Village I Built, a two day class for this piece done on silk gauze.  It's a real charmer in person and although only 4.5"x2.5", it packs a punch!

Let me know your requests for Samburu colorways and if I get enough requests, maybe I'll even do another colorway for The Village I Built, (go on, tempt me...)

Have a great week!!

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