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Celebrating 500 with you!

Today I am writing my 500th blog post.  

500 times I've sat down to write, always wondering... do I have something interesting enough to say, to show, to share? Always marveling that you would read my words and then when we meet, tell me how you follow my blog, know this or that about me because you read my blog.  I am so flattered and honored that you would do that!

500 times I've pressed the Publish button, sending off my thoughts into this strange and amazing cyber world.  Each time a bit of trepidation, excitement and anticipation runs through me as I press. 

Today I am celebrating with you, because you are the reason for this blog and for me continuing to write in it since February 12, 2008.  I've got a brand new batch of the new needlepoint cuffs, The Ocean, Tree, Flower and Nightshade cuff, in stock.   Regularly $40 each, for one week there will be a special offering of these kits,  4 cuffs for the price of 3!  A free cuff kit for you!!

Here is the link to this offer, The Anniversary Offer.  I will have it up on my Etsy site till next Friday at noon. 

and here's to the next 500 posts!!

My First Post EVER!!

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