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Next time around I want to be a...

Sign painter!

I was walking Esther yesterday and on the wall of the local pizza place there was a guy painting letters and tomatoes.  What amazed me was that he didn't use a template for the letters, he free-handed them, and they were perfect!! Something like this:

But then I may prefer to be a carpenter. I just love figuring out how things are built, what the individual pieces are and what the process is.  My ultimate wish would be to learn to make dovetail corners, ahhhhh!

I have a few more possibilities, but first I need to know how many times around do we get??

Anonymous –   – (November 12, 2013 at 6:38 PM)  

Hi Orna, I also share your love of carpentry...mitered corners, large intricate moldings and ceilings!I've said more than once that maybe I can be a carpenter for God in heaven and then create Heavenly rooms for everyone! Since you like dovetail corners, might I suggest a face book page
of a man my husband works with. He does unique dovetailing (is that a real word:) that he is planning to patent. It's Kurtz Creations. You will just love it!

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