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I'm getting a little tired of...

Before I complete the sentence, I want you to know that I am attempting not to sound mean.  Really.  I just realized this new sensation I have and I want to get it down on "paper".  It's me, not them or you, just me, and this is how I feel.

So, I'm getting a little tired of the cutesy, "Brooklynite" type stores with lots of very cute, unnecessary, looks like handmade stuff.  I love handmade!!  You know I do, it's what I do all the time, all the days and nights.  But I am a little tired of the repetitiveness of the style, the totally planned "not planned" look, the "gosh I love anything made before 1980" look.

Cases in point:

The Ugly Doll.

The Moustache.

The Apron.
(seriously, anyone really cook wearing these?)

The Cute Shop.
(I need a break from these, I'm not going into any shop that makes me say "awwwww" for at least a month!)

and THE #1 buzzword one... Vintage.
and here I'm not even going to add photos because we all know I'm right!
Having been born in 1957, I  know something about Vintage before it became Vintage and I know for an absolute fact that not everything from the 1950s through the 1980s looked good, or was considered in good taste even back then.  So, what's going on here?

and I'm NOT being mean! It's just me.

CarolynK  – (October 6, 2013 at 7:40 AM)  

I agree...why does "poorly executed" equal charming and cute?

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