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Growing in our home.

Funny how at times I find myself very moved, thoughtful, emotional, all brought on by pondering what I perceive as the emotions of my plants.  We have a wall of windows, northern exposure, all along one side of our loft.  The windows are not very well insulated and they can be very cold to the touch in wintertime. And yet, my orchids and succulents seem to thrive on the ledges of these windows.  These desert and humid weather plants, looking out at the bleak winter on the other side of our windows, sprout new growth even in the coldest of days.  The succulents cling to the windows, using them as aides as they climb upwards and out into the winter light of the north.  It makes me admire them.  They adapt, they use what is there, they don't give up, they continue toward light and life.   It struck me, this morning, how they are all showing new growth, that light, full bodied, green new growth.  It warms my heart, it makes me so proud of my strong willed plants.  Is that a crazy sentence?  It's what I feel. 
So proud of you guys!!

But this is the most beautiful flower of all, growing in our home.  Nina asked to buy a kimono so she could wear it at home.  The two of us visited Chinatown yesterday, in the pouring rain, and found this kimono at the bazaar. It may be a Chinese version of a Japanese kimono, but she loves it.  In fact, I hear her in the background, playing with her Wii game while wearing it.  My Nina always provides us with the most amazing combos...

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