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Moving along...

I'm working on a big commission piece, I'm charting a design and working on multiple colorways for the design, I'm shipping orders, but at the end of everyday, I try to get a little stitching done on my piece below, (see here and here as well).

If you look carefully at the corner where the borders meet, you can see that the compensation needs to be tweaked.  The first "draft" of a new design, the first canvas, always needs tweaking.  That's what happens when I chart it on the computer.  That's where I can fix all the little problems and bring the piece to symmetry. 

Btw, no name for this piece yet.  Hmmmmm

lewmew  – (January 5, 2014 at 8:30 AM)  

Not sure what others see, but I see cute little faces - how about "face off"?

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