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More design development, or "where do I go from here?"

My "nameless" design is moving along, but it's a slow process this one!  The border is pretty much established albeit there is still tweaking to be done.  As I move along, step by step, the next step becomes evident. Never all at once, it's like a mystery piece, only it's a mystery to the designer, (moi), as well.  

So where do I go from here?  The easy option is to complete the border identically on all four sides, finish the rest of the design in the center and it's done.  But I don't feel that's the way to go.  As intricate as the design and the border are, I feel that if I design it in perfect symmetry, it will take it from intricate to boring.  The border will become a blur, nothing for the eye to grasp. I also feel that we need to make the design into a rectangle, bringing more interest to it's entirety and allowing me to say more.
I sound as if I know what I'm doing, don't I?  Well, I don't. I only know that I need to experiment in that direction and see what happens.  We all know how to "un-stitch", right.

Perhaps something along these lines.  Can you see how much more interesting
it can be if we go wide instead of symmetrical?

Wish me luck!

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