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Lacquer and Fiber, what a delicious combo!

The shiny lacquer with the very tactile fibers is a gorgeous combination.  The textures are so different and yet together they are so elegant!  I've stocked my studio and my Etsy Shop with these beautiful boxes, I could not resist!  

Rose colored box with Contemporary Tartan insert

Contemporary Tartan up close
There is a SPECIAL DEAL available as well.  If you'd like to purchase the boxes with the designs shown in them, you will receive a 20% discount on the full kit!

Silver leaf box with Colorations inserted and Purple Tulipwood box with Midnight Garden
While the boxes are not inexpensive, they are much more affordable than framing and as you sit in your comfy chair stitching away, look over at the table next to you and there they will be,  lacquer and fiber all in a box.

and there is Legacy, of course!

They are extremely delicious!

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