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To my dear co-pilots, THANK YOU!

What a weekend we had here at the Cigar Factory, Philadelphia! Three days, thirteen ladies, two classes and tons, I tell you, TONS of fun!  
The first class was piloting The Village I Built. While there was trepidation about stitching on 40 count silk gauze, each of the ladies at the end of the day agreed, it's not at all hard.  If you have the right lighting and good magnification, it's very doable.  What a great group of stitchers graced my home. Very accomplished and attentive, helpful with comments and insights, a teacher's dream team!

Everyone loved Esther.  They loved her so much that when they walked over to La Maude to pick up lunch, Esther went with them! We all agreed she was jealous of the attention I gave the ladies and was a bit of a pain.  This is Esther looking for the next victim to play ball with her...

Just got a phone call from the School Nurse...  off to pick Nina up, probably a stomach flu!  :(

More tomorrow...

JP  – (March 13, 2014 at 6:23 PM)  

I hope Nina is feeling better!

As one of the co-pilots, I must tell everyone who reads this that Orna is an AMAZING teacher. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her classes, do it.

If you ever get the opportunity to take a class with Orna at her home and studio, JUMP AT THE CHANCE!!!! She is a gracious host, and has a beautiful environment for inspiration.

A special thank you to Orna's family, who we displaced for a few days.

It was a wonderful weekend indeed.

Orna Willis  – (March 14, 2014 at 10:07 AM)  

Thank you so much Joyce!! It's great to know you enjoyed your weekend with me and my family!! It was delightful having you here. See you at ANG Seminar.

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