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More about my co-pilots:

Sorry I had to run off yesterday.  Nina is feeling much better but still stayed home today to get more Mommy pampering.  

On the second day of classes here at the "Factory" I was so surprised and excited to see a show-and-tell of my designs stitched by some of my co-pilots.  I'd like to share one in particular with you.  Carol stitched Windmills of Color, combining the colors on her own and coming up with a beautiful, sophisticated color scheme.  She told me she was very nervous and almost reluctant to try her own thing, but I, for one, am very happy she did.  

Windmills of Color - stitched and color selection by Carol Toman

These are my samples
On Sunday we worked on Samburu, the needlepoint and beading necklace.  I warned the ladies in advance that the piece is more difficult than it seems because it is stitched on the diagonal.  I went on and on, only to find out that they were not at all confused.  I guess it's just me, how embarrassing!

Diane cutting her Ultrasuede tassels

Joyce moving along with the design

Tara attaching the cord to the tassel

Ladies practicing folding back excess canvas

Karen working hard despite an injured hand

Putting together a beading sequence

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