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By night.

I re-wrote the book, redid all the charts, diagrams, instructions.  Whew!!  Now it's up on etsy for an instant download. 

This is one of the few designs I did on black canvas.

Rae has been working here for some months now and has caught on wonderfully!  She will introduce herself to you next week.  We all have our strengths.  Rae is an absolute detail person.  She is very careful and methodical and also loves organizing.  You all know how us fiber people need to stay organized...  Rae is doing wonders with that here in the studio. She has been helping me keep up with my Instagram page.  I haven't really been using much of the special lenses, (the antique, or 70's kinda look).  I can't give up the colors that are there naturally.

I'm off to set the place up for a potluck this evening for Nina's school parents and principal.  Having a loft is very helpful when you have a big gathering.  Should be a fun time!

Have a lovely weekend!

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