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Mixed feelings.

I had planned to write a short update on our granddaughter dresses. It's a beautiful day out and my spirits were high after a few days of a flu-ish feeling. I was going to share photos before going out for a walk, the four of us; Reid, Nina, Bella and myself. 

But then I read about the shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels a week ago:

"Two of the four fatalities from the shooting at a Brussels’ Jewish museum on Saturday were an Israeli couple in their 50's from Tel Aviv, the Foreign Ministry confirmed Sunday.

A third fatality was a volunteer at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, according to an unconfirmed report Saturday night on the news site HLN.be, the online edition of the Het Laatste Nieuws daily. A fourth victim, whom HLN reported was a 23-year-old employee of the museum, was also killed... The shooter aimed for the victims throats and heads, witnesses told the daily."

I'm feeling sick to my stomach. I want to write something about this despicable tragedy but I can't.

* * * * *

In an attempt to get some of the awful taste out of my mouth, I will give you a little update about the dresses. The pillowcase dresses were a total bust! They looked big, loose and lived up to their name, pillowcases. So after some thought we decided to cut off the tops of the dresses, with the ties, and attach them to cute tank tops from The Children's Place, ($2.99 each). Here are the results:

I think we will go out for a walk.  The sun will be good.

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