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More Tassels, More Fibers and More Experimenting!

I'd like to introduce you to our new Double the Fun Tassels.  

They are made of 2 Planet Earth Silk Ribbon cards, Ultrasuede, beads, and findings.  They are very easy to make and you have everything you need in a small cute kit, (well, maybe just a dab of fabric glue would be helpful).  

Check our Etsy shop for some of the colors we have left.  


Next, say hello to these fabulous color fiber bags! These are 11" x 10" project bags, strong fabric with a see through middle and a zipper on top. These bags will be filled with 17 different silk fibers, coordinated in color to the bag itself.   Also on ETSY.

Oh, and more, many more of the regular tassel kits, those that are made with just one card of silk ribbon, find them here.

and then, there is the progress I'm making on my Pheasant.  I'm enjoying this process very much and don't mind the tedious search for the right stitch, not one bit!

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