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I'm off on a voyage across the seas and other things...

I am leaving for a trip to see my family in Israel.  I'll be back in 3 weeks.  In the meantime, if there is anything you need, Rae will be watching over things.  Nina and Reid will be taking care of each other here at home while I visit with my mother, sisters, and all the rest of the family and friends.

For the New Year I have a gift for you, something I'm still working on but should have ready for you tomorrow!  Please come back tomorrow, I don't want you to miss out!!  Here is a tiny peek...

I want to thank you all for a wonderful year.  You are my great supporters, my partners in crime, my friends.  I'm so happy we have each other!  Let's make the next year just as good as this one, and even better!

So come on by tomorrow, and bring your friends along as well.  The more the merrier!

Till tomorrow...


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