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TODAY, right now, this minute ...!


It starts at 1pm and goes on for one week.  All our lacquer boxes are on sale, 20% off plus (!!) you get free design books on purchases of 2 boxes or even 1 box of the larger group.

Buy 2 boxes size 6x6 and get a free design book!

They come in Purple Tulipwood, and in Green Tulipwood

In a Royal Blue and in a pristine Red

Buy one of the larger boxes (9x6 and 12x10) and get a free book of any design of your choice!
All the boxes available are listed in our ETSY shop.  Buy two 6"x6" boxes, get 20% off and a free design book.  Buy one 12"x10" box and get 20% off and a free design book. There are a limited number of boxes so don't let them get away!

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