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Gifts from the ladies!

A lovely moment at Syracuse was when my dear friend, Pat, presented me with this beautiful box and a stitched pen.  How elegant!! The box reminds me of the beautiful treasures I saw in Cambodia years ago.  I love the gold embellishment.  Just as rich is the pen, stitched by Pat, in silver and light blue, sparkling and elegant.  Pat is not only a fantastic stitcher, she is also responsible for 10 new wrinkles, 5 on each side of my mouth, for laughing so hard and being quite naughty!

To think of the time and effort in choosing and stitching!  Thank you so very much, Pat. Thank you to my friends in Syracuse.  

Off to hear Nina in a school concert.  It's the end of the school year, and I feel I should get a commencement diploma as well, (graduating 8th grade)!

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