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Hey, wait up, you're going too fast!

This little one just graduated from 8th grade, i.e. she is a high schooler!?!?!  How could that be?  Someone messed with the clock, someone made things move fast forward, someone made a big mistake!  Time doesn't fly by so fast.  She's still just my baby.

Next week she is off to a wonderful camp/school/retreat for young musicians. It's a composition camp where Nina, along with 50 other kids from across the States and even overseas, will be together for 5 weeks and compose music.  The staff is mostly professional musicians who help these young budding composers and at the end of each week these same musicians preform the compositions that their young protege's composed in a concert setting.  How amazing to be a young talented musician and to be taken so seriously!

On the phone with my friend Keli.

Helping me out with a 1000 piece puzzle.
Gosh, I love that child!

And speaking of children, here is my other baby, Shiri, (OK, she's not a baby, she actually has two little ones who happen to be sitting in the stroller).  My mother, (the exceptionally young looking great grandmother), my sister, Anat, (kneeling next to Nomi discussing "Frozen"), above Nomi you see Yuval, my niece, who is a magician with children, (as well as a magician on her violin), and of course Nomi and Ruben, (who are so cute I want to gobble them up), all of them on the street in Tel Aviv.

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