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Rona's Masterpiece, (yes, it's Rona, not Orna)

Rona was in my class this past weekend.  This past weekend, as in 2 days ago.  This evening I received an email from her with these photos.  Her interpretation of the room on the left using the piece I designed for the class.  

What an amazing job.  I am so very proud of you, Rona!

The hues, the light, the bohemian touches, all of these were captured by Rona's choices of colors and textures.  This "Color Inspiration" class always warms my heart.  Students come in with a big question mark on their faces.  By the end of class they have a new found confidence, a belief in their ability to see color, to understand color and to form a relationship with color.

Please keep your pieces coming!

Here are a few more from past classes.  They are all the same design, each inspired by a different room.

Bonnie Beer

Kathy Larsen

Sara Leigh Merrey

Karen West

Join us July 17-19 for another Color Inspiration class here in Philadelphia!

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