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I am nothing without.

I am nothing without my wonderful friends, who help make my work possible.

I am nothing without Kathy Gordon, who with her enthusiasm, her brilliant stitching, and her intelligent and thoughtful suggestions, makes my designs look their best.  Today I received a package from her that included 4 pieces, stitched and proofed.

I could not do what I love doing, and do it well without my friend, Kathy.

I am nothing without my stitching friends who come to spend time with me, who allow me to share with them what I have learned, and who ask for more.

Holding Joseph's coat in our hands

Thank you Buff and Lori, Linda and Lisa, Patrick and Karen, Ann and Carol, Jo and Father B, for spending the last three days with me, letting me lead them to places they did not know they wanted to see. 

Thank you!

Karen Milano  – (July 19, 2015 at 10:31 AM)  

Orna wish I could have had one more day with you on the Color Inspirations piece. You may feel you need friends and stitchers but we need the genius of others like you. Yesterday was a special day to be long remembered, to think of all the fun/work that was taking place is quite something! And a fine picture with you, Father B and Tesselations / Joseph's Coat. How cool if Father B could do a talk on his interpretation.

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