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It's Nina's birthday and here are some gifts for YOU!

Today, July 10th, is Nina's birthday and for the past four years she has been away.  Today she in in New Hampshire, composing music and hopefully having a grand time!

In honor of Nina's birthday I thought I should give you some gifts, (Nina already got hers).  So here you go, use the discount codes below, click HERE, unwrap and enjoy!!

15% discount on ALL thread bundles with the discount code: THREADORAMA
$10 off every order over $75 with discount code: 10FOR
$20 off every order over $150 with discount code: 20FOR.

It's a little lonely without Nina at home. We will see her at the end of the month when we travel up to New Hampshire to hear the pieces she and the other students composed and professional musicians play.  Quite exciting!  This is where she is: Walden

Here is little Nina, and look at what she's holding in her hand!  A Kanya cuff!

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