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Nummy, Nummy, new colors, new flavors.

These are July 2015 Orna's Must Have Fibers.  

Each box has 15 skeins, 5 Watercolours and 10 silk Pepper Pot.  No repeats!  120 skeins coordinated in color. They arrive in plastic hinged boxes, great for storing and for just sitting staring mindlessly (because we can't help it). 

Only $440 for the entire set, HERE

We have only 4 sets left.  Every month we will present you with a unique set of fibers, my must haves, the ones I can't live without. Only a limited number of sets available, sorry...

Tuesday we will be on our way to New Hampshire to spend 5 days at the music festival at Walden.  Reid and I plan to enjoy the lakes and mountains, and listen to pieces composed by the students.  
I look at the photo on the right, little Nina, and find it mind boggling to think she is composing pieces played by professional musicians, while living away from us for 5 weeks.  Where has the time gone? 

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