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Goodies and Treats

Hey Everyone, it's Genevieve---Just a Shout out to everyone who wrote asking for more Beads---- I just listed new Bead Components and Thread Bundles in new Colorways over at Orna's Etsy Shop!! A number of people wrote asking about them after our first bunch sold, so we finally got pictures of the new stuff and posted them. I'm so glad all these fantastic bead combinations are getting out there into the world and going into great projects. Don't hesitate to send pics of your completed work our way---it's really nice to see what people do with all this great stuff!!!

Also, Orna put together a second Colorway for the Bestowed, so that is available at the 
Ornathologie Etsy Shop---it's going to be all kits all the time there. We have a new found love of Etsy, it makes transactions so easy for us--it's like all the paperwork is Poof! Evaporated! More time to come up with designs and CREATE!
Hope all you guys have had a lovely Holidays and that getting back to real time wasn't too painful!

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