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Lovely Lovlies: New, (practically free), design

February is fast approaching, and it's one month till that wonderful Holiday of Love, Valentine's Day. In honor of that and of all of you, my friends,  who have been so supportive and enthusiastic towards all my creative endeavors, I have designed this Bargello Heart called "Lovely". The design is, well, almost free! The PDF is available for $1, (just to cover our expenses) over on my Etsy site  or on my Ornaments website. Also available are the kits for four colorways. Each kit comes complete with the hoop that is pictured, as well as the felt, canvas, and threads. Kits come with a hard copy of the instructions, so if you have bought the kit, you don't need to purchase the PDF!

"Lovely" in Grey

"Lovely" in Blue

"Lovely" in Orange

and "Lovely" in Pink!

AND... If you have the notion that you would like to buy all four, 
they are available as a set at a discounted price.  

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