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Let me Point something out ......

If you are the sort of Stitcher who likes to have lots of projects in the works, and who would love to try classes on the internet, let me point the way to a bunch of Stitchers who get together at a place called Cyberpointers. This unique chapter of ANG is devoted to classes and companionship for people who don't have a local chapter or who want a class that fits into their schedule. They offer resources and opportunities that cannot be missed. I have been working very closely with Elizabeth at Cyberpointers to put together a few classes for them throughout the coming year.

Last week registration began for my first class for them, "Petit Trianon". This is an intense, extremely intricate design, inspired by the summer home belonging to Madame Pompadour, and later, the infamous Marie Antoinette! The Kit comes in two colorways, "Chateau" and "Jardin". 

I love doing classes through the internet. It gives students time to work through whatever problems they may have, ask any questions, and really digest the information they are receiving.  This is a great supplemental class to any stitchers repertoire. And the finishing parts and instructions are part of the kit. So it won't just kick around the house waiting to go to the framers!

Aside from that, I am still working my way through my stash of supplies and bead components. There are new listings on the Etsy site every week. And every week there is a tiny bit more space in my cupboards. So it seems to be benefiting everyone!

And if you are planning on getting your Valentine's project going, nows the time! Pick your color from four different "LOVELY" options, and make something beautiful for a friend!

Hope everyone is getting through these past few blizzards with lots of warmth and stitching. Today we had an ice storm in Philly! What else can Father Winter throw our way?

Beth in IL  – (January 22, 2011 at 12:20 PM)  

I can't decide what colorway to choose! They are both beautiful.

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