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This was one of the most interesting giveaways I've ever done.  Your answers were fascinating, I thank you all for participating and letting me know a little about yourselves thru your response to the two photos.  I'm going to count the responses and tally up the votes.  I'd love to find out which of the photos has a majority.

But, on to the winners.  Congratulations to: 

**  Maneki who wrote:  Tricky question, actually. Of cause I like a creative mess and seeing colour mixes as in no 1, but on the other hand it's like someone mentioned before me: after than first glance I want to see all the colours in there and then photo 2 is the better one. Also it makes the colours show up better as it's sort of like colour blocking, concentrating each colour to one space. It's easy to see colours and textures then.

I do mix up my skeins and spools when storing (at least to a point, there's structure and order behind the on the surface messy-looking storage), but still like the second photo as it's also neat and tidy like in the local yarn shop.

Had it just been skeins, not spools, in the first pic it'd probably be my favourite. For me, the white of the spools detracts attention from the thread colours a bit and makes it look too messy.

** NCStitcher2000 who wrote:  What a fabulous array of colors you have chosen. I prefer the first picture as it looks more inviting to be able to hunt through all those threads. THanks for your kindness in offering this give away.

Beautiful tidbits of fibers and a frame for your little creation are coming your way!!

I'm leaving for Brooklyn in a couple of hours to visit with my girls.  Shiri has been volunteering for the last week helping people in areas still in a mess from the hurricane.  So many people are still in terrible living conditions.  How easy it is to forget when you are in your dry home, warm and comfortable. 

"See" you when I get back.


my beautiful Au Ver a Soie threads, YUMMY!!

Maneki  – (December 5, 2012 at 8:46 AM)  

My prize arrived today so I just wanted to let you know how much I love the threads. It's such a gorgeous selection and pure eye candy! (Let's just hope I dare make something with them too and not just end up putting them in my "treasure chest" only to be picked up and stroked while being addressed as "my precious"... *lol*) Thank you so much for your generosity!

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