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Just got back from a lovely, delightful weekend with my Nomi, (of course Shiri and Orin too).  I had such a good time!  Yesterday Nomi and I spent 3 hours at High Line and at the Chelsea market.  What fun we had!  We walked and walked, we had hot soup and wandered in the market and then we walked and walked and met with Shiri.  I highly recommend visiting High Line!  It's a beautiful project of preservation and public spaces. 

While it was overcast, New York was still glorious.

Caught while trying to "borrow" my car keys...

Walking toward meeting place with Shiri.  See the bench in the foreground?  It was built for Nomi to go up and down and up and down and up and down and up...  you get it, right?

Before bedtime, a child on "Elmo"!

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