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I lost it.

Can't quite get into my rhythm since Seminar ended.  Maybe it has to do with the summer coming to an end, with Nina starting school, with the High Holidays right around the corner?  I feel like a car that can't quite get into gear...  go...sputter...jump ahead...sputter...stop. 

Therefore I have a few apologies: 
1.   I'm working on getting your Journey charms out, (you know who I'm talking to...), but I mis-ordered a few metal pieces and am waiting for the correct ones to arrive.

2.   I have a few more Journey kits to get out to you, (again, you know who I'm talking to...), and am almost at the end of the list! Yay!

3.   I started charting The House I Built, but then stopped and moved to charting a new design on silk gauze, and then stopped and started editing my directions on my new Baby Steps but then stopped and decided to go back to The House I Built.  I realized I was going round in circles so I stopped everything. :-(

4.   Last night, after coming home from a beautiful Friday night service at our synagogue, for the first time in months and months and months, I sat at the TV and held NOTHING in my hands.  That never happens.  I'm always stitching, beading, sewing,  I absolutely always have something in my hands.  Last night, nothing.

I tell you, I'm going around in circles and I just can't get my rhythm.  I hope it doesn't last long. 

I need my rhythm.


 Dramatic Video Edited by Nina Willis

lewmew  – (September 8, 2012 at 10:09 AM)  

That happens to me sometimes too. Hang in there - it WILL come back!

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