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My Baby's got style!

They say kids are maturing earlier these days.  Eleven is the new fifteen.  All the symptoms of teenagerism are showing up faster and faster.  First they appeared once a week, and even then I wasn't sure if they were symptomatic or asymptomatic.  Before long I knew.  And they were showing up more often, those sneaky symptoms!  Now they don't come in weeks or days, now we are talking in hours. 
Nina wearing her cute jacket of her choice.
So, being an older mom, I thought maybe my wisdom will come in handy here.  I will devise a plan.  I decided to encourage certain symptoms, even participate, and therefore have a better case for the symptoms I will not tolerate! (famous last words).

Lately Nina has been showing signs of wanting certain clothing.  It can't be girly, preferably dark colors, only pants, nothing cute and NO PINK!  I posted a photo of her after a shopping spree on my Facebook page to mark the occasion that she chose her own styles at the store.

Then I thought, why not encourage her to develop her own style?  If she's interested in being unique, in choosing what she likes, I will go with it, provided it's not just black and drab.  Provided there is a style.  I explained this idea and offer to her.  What's a style? she asked.  Well, maybe it's short jackets with interesting headbands and cool boots, or maybe leggings with long shirts and belts.  She listened, no real response.  

This morning, as we sat at a local restaurant having brunch, Nina said she wanted to get the tips of her hair dyed a color, maybe red, maybe purple?  I took a moment to think about this.  Some color on the ends of her hair, something that can be cut off, that will fade away, what harm can come of that?  She will feel empowered, I will get big brownie points on being cool with it, and when the time comes to put my foot down on some other crazy idea, "You never let me do anything!", will not hold in court!  So, we finished our meal and I took her to our local drugstore to find a box of do-it-yourself crazy hair color.  We ran home, did the entire process, the color didn't stick.  I called my hair guy, made an appointment for Nina and next week the two of us will go get purple on her hair ends.

I'll keep you posted.

Cool mommy Orna

OH, don't forget the sale!!  20% off.  Just put in the coupon code: endofsummer at the checkout.  Good till supplies last or till Monday.

Mrs. K At Home  – (September 22, 2012 at 6:30 PM)  

Orna - you are definitely a cool mommy! You're right, let her express herself, let her explore, she'll find her own style, after all, she has a very artistic mom, she's likely had that rub off on her.

Orna Willis  – (September 23, 2012 at 1:25 AM)  

Thanks for the encouragement! We'll see how it goes and I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed...

lewmew  – (September 23, 2012 at 9:28 AM)  

Tell Nina I LOVE her outfit - and it's the kind of style that will take her right into adulthood (you don't need to tell her that ;)

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