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The Septembers of my life.

I've come to a point in my life where I feel a need to create traditions.  I know it has to do with Nomi.  I want her to have memories, spiced up with smells, melodies and places.  I want this for Nina as well and while as a compact family unit of three, we do have our traditions and the way we do things, I feel a need to make it bigger, encompassing, so that it hugs us all - Reid, Nina, Shiri, Orin, Nomi and myself. 

September is a time of traditions.  There are the preparations for school, preparations for fall, but where I come from, September is the beginning of it all.  Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  Rosh in Hebrew meaning Head, Shana meaning Year.  This period stands tall, above all else, it is the head, we follow it into the future, into the new year. 

We would wear white, beautifully pressed shirts that were kept in the closet for special occasions.  We had meals at the big dining table, and we knew to set the table with the silverware that was only taken out a few times a year.  Everyone greeted one another with wishes for a wonderful year full of sweet times.  Apples were cut up, and the children would sprinkle lemon juice on the pieces to keep them from browning.  Dishes of honey for dipping, beautiful round Challah breads, braided and puffy. Everyone everywhere celebrated.  No shops open, no business happening.  Traditions.  Family.  Memories.

I love pickling peppers, (say fast 5 times)
That's what I need to do.  Tomorrow Nomi will come for the weekend.  Together we will taste the food I am preparing.  I will teach her songs children sing for the holiday.  I will teach her the hand gestures and at the end of the songs we will clap our hands because we will be so happy to be together.  On Monday we will all wear white and go to synagogue.  Nomi will pitter-patter alongside Nina who she loves and admires and we will all smile and sing. 

and so a tradition will be created.  

Huge pot of chicken soup ready

Taking out ingredients to start my Rugalach dough

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